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“I would like to thank Brandon for teaching your method of identifying the best supply and demand zones. Not only has it helped me locate better zones, I can now better see why the zones are stronger and more apt to hold. Brandon is indeed a thoughtful instructor, I am so glad to have picked up this course and enhanced my knowledge on trend identification.”

Lisa M., United States

“Before taking Eric’s class I would never have had 2 consecutive trades where I made money. I wanted to let you know that you have forever changed my life and I am truly grateful for having taken the class with you. I also wanted to thank you for responding to the few questions I sent to you via email. It is a great feeling to know that you are there to help your students, even after the class has ended. Thank you again for everything.”

Jake F., California (USA)

"Irfan's approach is one where I can follow and understand easily. He ensures that you are familiar with the domain on the very first day which allows me to follow through the rest of his lessons with ease. He is very rule based and teaches very patiently, he makes a constant effort to answer everyones' questions and that all was able to understand and follow. His methods are simple and if one follows all his steps, the chances of success is very high."

Chong C.S., Singapore

"Dr. Woody is an excellent instructor. The tools and techniques taught in the class are of great value. Taking the course, Mastering the Mental Game has increased my confidence. I know, that I know, I will be a consistently profitable trader!!! Thank you, Dr. Woody."

Melody M., United States

"I wanted to express again how much I enjoyed Eric's teaching during the Forex class. The class was very helpful for me as a total neophyte to the currency trading world. But the best part was your teaching style and your professionalism during the entire event.

I particularly appreciated the way you made every student feel valued and important. It must be incredibly difficult to deal with questions and confusion from students along the entire experience spectrum. But you were just as concerned and attentive to the rank beginners who had trouble making the platform work to the guys who were taking the course over and had heard it all before."

Harold H., Colorado (US)

"I have read all the articles written by Brandon, and I must say simplicity is the best and he always makes it relatable. Traders respect you not only for your knowledge, the wealth you have generated from the market, the ability to take the trades, but for the way you use it to help others!"

Badgujar R., Mumbai (India)

"Irfan is very experienced trading and due the the fact that he was a student before becoming a instructor he does and teach accordingly to the student's needs. In a way to make students having higher chance of making trading successful."

Benjamin T., Singapore

"I would like to thank Eric for taking the time to come to Philadelphia to teach us. Indeed, your qualifications are certainly ourstanding as evidenced by your expert delivery of the material presented, along with your extensive knowledge and personal experiences. Based on conversations with other students, you may be assured that it was highly appreciated by all!"

Roger S., Philadelphia (US)

"A huge thank you to Brandon for all the lessons you taught me this week. I
really really really appreciate it. You have boosted my trading confidence to an all time
high, its kind of scary because I find myself saying, "It can't be this simple." However,
this week I had all winning trades. I am looking forward to digesting all that you have
taught and repeat the process of duplicating the success. Once again, thank you."

Wally O., United States

"I found that Irfan is one of the best instructor, whose class i have just attended. He taught very clearly, answered every question fully, every point he gave was a nugget. He is willing to share freely with his students, and not holding back on points that could help the students. I felt that I have learned a lot in his class."

Michael L., Malaysia

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