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Irfan Patel

Futures, Forex

Why did you become a Trader?

My Father was the main inspiration for me getting involved in the Financial Markets. I started to get involved in the Financial Markets in 2005, not at a professional level but just buying shares of companies listed in the stock market and holding on to them in hopes that they will make money. However, during the 2007 crash in the financial markets, I ended up losing all the gains and the starting capital just as many others who invested in the markets at that time. After that dreadful experience and the realisation that investing in the financial markets wasn’t as straightforward as I thought initially, I decided to invest in myself and learn how to invest properly in the financial markets as the rewards are great if you know how.

What is it like being a Trading Instructor?

Being an instructor is almost the same as being a teacher. It is a very fulfilling position as I’m teaching people the skill of investing in the markets, which could potentially change their life. There have been many memorable moments but the main ones that I remember the most are when the people that have taken a class with me email me about how they have had a good week or month in trading and also showing me some of the trades that they took. Receiving these emails were honestly very heartwarming as it shows that if you learn the skill of investing in the markets properly anyone can make money. 

How did you overcome the most critical challenge in your career?

There has been a lot of challenges throughout my career but the main obstacle would be when I first started to learn about trading. It was a lot of information that I had to take in, from the terminologies, the appropriate timings to buy and sell, and how to multiply my capital. Frankly speaking, I felt really stressed and there were moments when I was thinking that I will never be able to succeed at trading. However, I knew that nothing in life came easy and that initial failures will help pave the way for success. So, I kept telling myself that all the professional traders whom I was learning from were also beginners before, yet they have come through and become successful with many years of experience. All I want to say is, it is perfectly normal to be clueless about investing when you first started. But as long as you’re passionate to learn about it, and not afraid of making mistakes, I am definitely happy to help and guide you through your journey of trading. 

What types of trade are you familiar with?

Now, I am mainly involved in trading in the Forex and US Futures markets. As a swing trader, most of the transactions that are taken are longer than 24 hours. Personally, I do recommend this style of trading as it is a great way to learn and improve the skill as it takes time for the trade to develop and come to fruition.

How do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Firstly, I mainly hope to keep teaching and coaching like-minded individuals about the skills and strategies I have developed across my teaching career. Secondly, I have also started to learn about the US stock market so that I can make longer term investments, hopefully I’ll be at a good level by then and would be better at money management. 

Brandon Wendell

Futures, Forex, Options

Why did you become a Trader?

After leaving the US military in the early 1990s, I started working as a retail stockbroker. Not satisfied with working in the front office and wanting to learn more about how the markets worked, I moved into the back-office operations where I was tasked to fill the customer orders electronically as a trader/Agency Desk Operator.

My breakthrough into the world of trading came in 1999 when I was asked to be a lead trader for a private hedge fund in La Jolla, California. Thereafter, I attended a well-known trading education company and successfully traded for the fund. After leaving the fund and continuing to trade and invest on my own, I returned to the education company to begin teaching and to help others achieve their financial goals.

What is it like being a Trading Instructor?

During my tenure at the trading education company, I was honored as the instructor of the year and also won the Center’s Choice award. I had the opportunity to be on CNBC’s Squawk Box and Money Flow shows and appeared as a technical analysis expert on Bloomberg TV, Fox Business, and ET Now. I was also contracted by CNBC International to conduct a special Technical Analysis Course for CNBC on air personalities and other staff.

Despite all these achievements, nothing beats knowing that the trading and investing knowledge I have passed on to my students had a huge impact in changing their lives. I could still vividly recall having a tearful student thanking me for changing his and his family’s life, especially during the 2007 economic downturn in the Financial Markets. 

How did you overcome the most critical challenge in your career?

The most painstaking moment would have to be losing 90% of my money early in my career. Through that unfortunate experience, I realized that the mental aspect of trading was equally as important as the fundamentals and technical analysis. Fear and greed are key emotions that one has to control and grapple with, in order to strike a balance between trading and your lifestyle.

As a trader, it is vital to think fast and make quick decisions. There is simply no time to lose, and we certainly cannot let our emotions get the better of us. From my experience, with adequate control of fear and greed and having sufficient discipline to stick with the initial trading strategy, it would potentially maximise gains and minimise losses. 

What types of trade are you familiar with?

I trade futures, options, and forex primarily. I have a mix of daytrading and longer term. Now, I am also specialising  in futures spread trading.

How do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Still doing what I love, educating and helping others reach their financial goals and dreams. With 30 years of experience in the trade market, it would be great to continue passing on my legacy and influencing more people to be exposed to and learn more about trading. After all, trading has been a big part of my life and I cannot imagine living without it. 

Eric Waddell

Futures, Forex, Options, Stocks, Crypto-Currency

Why did you become a Trader?

I became a trader for a number of reasons. After growing up in a family of “humble means” and having to serve in the military in order to attain money for university, I was motivated to never be in a situation where I lacked money.

I chose to enter the financial industry and was managing a team which had over $300M USD under management in the 1990s.  I eventually left the corporate world to begin trading on my own. It was a struggle for a while but things eventually turned around for the better after I received mentorship from other, more experienced traders who had success doing what I had been struggling to accomplish on my own.

What is it like being a Trading Instructor?

Being a trading instructor is always full of surprises! With the constant buzz of questions from the students and seeing how they have progressed since my teaching has definitely encouraged me to push on and continue teaching. 

 There are many instances which are memorable but I’ll choose one: I remember feeling a great sense of satisfaction when one of my students found a profitable trade that I didn’t even see myself. I was pleased that he was applying the strategies I had taught him in identifying low risk, potentially high-reward trades. Knowing that you have helped to change someone’s life by teaching a skill set to earn income that can be passed down to future generations is immensely satisfying. I often tell my students that I have already made ALL the mistakes a trader can make, just so they can avoid them.

How did you overcome the most critical challenge in your career?

I used to struggle with pride and greed. There were instances where I was persistent that my predictions were right and that the market was wrong, however it was proven to be a foolish approach. Or worse, sometimes I would let greed take over me which led to large losses. 

 Family has always played a major role in my trading and providing for them has become my ‘why’ for doing it. When you have to make money to provide for your family, it can motivate you to become a more disciplined trader.

What are you currently trading?

I have various strategies which I developed and have taught to my students for years which work in any market – however, I mainly focus on Futures and Forex.

How do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

In the future, I see myself continuing my trading journey while also helping others to achieve their goals – which for many is financial freedom.

Woody Johnson

Futures, Forex, Options, Stocks

Why did you become a Trader?

I fell in love with trading right away. Aside from the unlimited opportunities to provide for my family in stunning ways, go on stellar vacations and bring financial independence; there are challenges that opened new chapters in life through learning so much about yourself and the nature of the markets.

What is it like being a Trading Instructor?

For a health care giver and one who loves people being an instructor is a fantastic experience. This is especially true as you see the light bulb go on when a particularly challenging subject has become understandable.

How did you overcome the most critical challenge in your career?

When I started out like everyone else, I had some issues.  As I learned and applied those lessons to my trading things began to take off. Then I began increasing my size and therefore risk and immediately noticed that my anxiety and fear ramped up.  I was familiar with this reaction but didn’t think that it was much of a problem. As it turned out it was a huge problem. My confidence waned, I became impulsive, and started breaking strong rules the consequence of which was that I blew up accounts.

This was about a year into my trading education. I worked on it and resolved those issues. It is a reminder that no one is immune to the psychological quicksand that is lurking just beneath your desk and it can and will pounce on you just at the wrong time.

What are you currently trading?

I have traded forex, stocks, futures and options. So, I have a lot of tools and techniques gleaned from actual trading in the trenches.

How do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

In 5 years I see myself as helping many more people around the planet. I would like to see this valuable training that we are providing being a force for positive trading execution and implementation all around the world.

Lin Xuehen

Growth & Value Investing 

Why did you become an Investor?

I had just started work back then, and I wanted to grow my savings. More importantly, I wanted to achieve financial freedom.

What are some of the Investing experiences you have?

Well I haven’t had the experience of being an instructor, but I love sharing my views on investing with people around me. I even created a profile on Investing Note, to share my opinions on hot topics and my investing strategies, to engage in discussions with other like-minded individuals. Knowing that there is a community out there, it keeps me motivated with producing more investing-related content, in hope to spark greater interest in people new to investing or even exchanging viewpoints with trading professionals. 

How did you overcome the most critical challenge in your career?

This had to be an unfortunate incident where a suspension of 40% of my investing portfolio due to accusations against the company, I was dumbfounded and had to re-evaluate everything I know about the company. Thankfully, with sufficient evidence and research, I was able to have new-found conviction in the company’s innocence. From this experience, I learned the greatest test of conviction is when the whole world is against you and almost every investor has something negative to say about the company. 

What types of investments are you familiar with?

I am familiar with both the US and SG markets. My investment approach is a mix of growth investing and value investing, with a preference towards growth.

How do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I aspire to become a more experienced and knowledgeable investor, continuing to share my knowledge and expertise with other individuals.



Reviews of Our Instructors

“I would like to thank Brandon for teaching your method of identifying the best supply and demand zones. Not only has it helped me locate better zones, I can now better see why the zones are stronger and more apt to hold. Brandon is indeed a thoughtful instructor, I am so glad to have picked up this course and enhanced my knowledge on trend identification.”

Lisa M., United States

“Before taking Eric’s class I would never have had 2 consecutive trades where I made money. I wanted to let you know that you have forever changed my life and I am truly grateful for having taken the class with you. I also wanted to thank you for responding to the few questions I sent to you via email. It is a great feeling to know that you are there to help your students, even after the class has ended. Thank you again for everything.”

Jake F., California (USA)

"Irfan's approach is one where I can follow and understand easily. He ensures that you are familiar with the domain on the very first day which allows me to follow through the rest of his lessons with ease. He is very rule based and teaches very patiently, he makes a constant effort to answer everyones' questions and that all was able to understand and follow. His methods are simple and if one follows all his steps, the chances of success is very high."

Chong C.S., Singapore

"Dr. Woody is an excellent instructor. The tools and techniques taught in the class are of great value. Taking the course, Mastering the Mental Game has increased my confidence. I know, that I know, I will be a consistently profitable trader!!! Thank you, Dr. Woody."

Melody M., United States

"I wanted to express again how much I enjoyed Eric's teaching during the Forex class. The class was very helpful for me as a total neophyte to the currency trading world. But the best part was your teaching style and your professionalism during the entire event.

I particularly appreciated the way you made every student feel valued and important. It must be incredibly difficult to deal with questions and confusion from students along the entire experience spectrum. But you were just as concerned and attentive to the rank beginners who had trouble making the platform work to the guys who were taking the course over and had heard it all before."

Harold H., Colorado (US)

"I have read all the articles written by Brandon, and I must say simplicity is the best and he always makes it relatable. Traders respect you not only for your knowledge, the wealth you have generated from the market, the ability to take the trades, but for the way you use it to help others!"

Badgujar R., Mumbai (India)

"Irfan is very experienced trading and due the the fact that he was a student before becoming a instructor he does and teach accordingly to the student's needs. In a way to make students having higher chance of making trading successful."

Benjamin T., Singapore

"I would like to thank Eric for taking the time to come to Philadelphia to teach us. Indeed, your qualifications are certainly ourstanding as evidenced by your expert delivery of the material presented, along with your extensive knowledge and personal experiences. Based on conversations with other students, you may be assured that it was highly appreciated by all!"

Roger S., Philadelphia (US)

"A huge thank you to Brandon for all the lessons you taught me this week. I
really really really appreciate it. You have boosted my trading confidence to an all time
high, its kind of scary because I find myself saying, "It can't be this simple." However,
this week I had all winning trades. I am looking forward to digesting all that you have
taught and repeat the process of duplicating the success. Once again, thank you."

Wally O., United States

"I found that Irfan is one of the best instructor, whose class i have just attended. He taught very clearly, answered every question fully, every point he gave was a nugget. He is willing to share freely with his students, and not holding back on points that could help the students. I felt that I have learned a lot in his class."

Michael L., Malaysia

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